Unleash Your Online Potential with COACHY — Your All-in-One Membership Hub with Landing Page Builder!

Unleash Your Online Potential with COACHY — Your All-in-One Membership Hub with Landing Page Builder!


In the dynamic world of the internet, establishing a potent online presence is vital for success. Whether you are a coach, consultant, or content creator, having a dedicated space to connect with your audience is paramount. Enter COACHY — the ultimate membership hub featuring a built-in Landing Page Builder designed to enhance your digital experience.

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COACHY Overview:

COACHY is a comprehensive digital platform crafted for individuals and businesses aiming to craft, oversee, and monetize their online presence. This all-in-one solution presents a user-friendly membership hub complemented by a robust Landing Page Builder, equipping you with the tools necessary to construct a thriving online community.

Key Features:

  1. User-Friendly Membership Hub: COACHY streamlines the management of your digital content and interaction with your audience. Effortlessly create a seamless and personalized member experience, providing exclusive content, courses, and resources.
  2. Landing Page Builder: Stand out in the competitive digital landscape with COACHY’s intuitive Landing Page Builder. Craft stunning, conversion-focused landing pages without the need for coding skills — attracting and retaining members becomes an effortless endeavor.
  3. Monetization Simplified: Realize the full potential of your expertise by monetizing your content. COACHY offers flexible options to establish subscription plans, one-time purchases, or even free trials, empowering you to transform your passion into a sustainable income stream.
  4. Analytics and Insights: Acquire valuable insights into your audience’s behavior through COACHY’s analytics tools. Monitor member engagement, evaluate the performance of your content, and make data-driven decisions to enhance your online strategy.
  5. Secure and Scalable: Rest assured as COACHY employs robust security measures to safeguard your content and member data. Furthermore, the platform is crafted to expand alongside your growing audience, ensuring a seamless experience for both you and your members.                                                                                                    Unlock Your Passion and Expertise with COACHY Today! With COACHY, you have the ability to establish a secure member area on educational websites, seamlessly integrating your online courses. COACHY operates online and provides features such as the creation of automated landing pages, diverse community tools, and ample storage space. Three distinct tariffs are available, each varying in functionality and pricing.                                                                       Advantage: COACHY presents an all-in-one toolkit for the creation and operation of online schools and similar educational platforms, eliminating the need for any programming knowledge.COACHY – Functions at a Glance COACHY provides a toolkit essential for setting up and managing member areas and sales pages. Additionally, various tracking and reporting tools are available within COACHY.Setup: Utilize these tools to establish the foundational framework for your online school. Among the available tools are: • Secured Internet Address: COACHY provides a secure web address for your member area, incorporating your desired name. • Member Area Customization: Customize the internal area with diverse design settings, including the option to upload your own logo. • Landing Page Builder 2.0: Craft your own landing page effortlessly using an editor and templates. • Data Protection and Imprint Generator: Generate legally compliant texts for your data protection page or imprint, automatically updating in response to legal changes. • Autoresponder Integration: COACHY seamlessly integrates essential autoresponders like Klick-Tipp, 4Leads, or Mailchimp. • Video Uploads: Integrate videos from your own system or utilize available IDs from YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia. • Time-Controlled Activation: Plan in advance when your participants gain access to courses or specific segments, with the ability to segment groups.

    Coaching/Learning: Numerous tools aid teachers in delivering knowledge and creating certificates. • Participant Knowledge Checks: Develop tests to assess participants’ understanding of the course or seminar material, with the option to unlock bonus lessons upon successful completion. • Certificate Issuance: Personalize certificates for completed courses or seminars, automatically generated based on your information and downloadable as PDFs by participants. • Member Chat: Utilize the support form and Tawk.to plugin to establish a chat function, offering two distinct instruments.

    Sales and Marketing: COACHY streamlines the process of selling your coaching program with its array of tools. • Digistore24 Connection: Connect your online school to your Digistore24 account seamlessly, optimizing order forms and facilitating the creation of upsells. • Zapier Integration: Take advantage of COACHY’s Zapier integration to connect your shop system with over 1,500 other apps. • Squeeze Page Creation: Generate more emails and contacts using this tool to create squeeze pages. • Lead Generation: Strategically decide which content to offer for free as advertising, utilizing this tool to generate leads that encourage the purchase of paid content, courses, or seminars.

    Reporting and Tracking: Delve into the behavior of your members and participants with the integrated tracking tools provided by COACHY, offering a comprehensive understanding of member tracking.

    click here to check the-COACHY – Dein Mitgliederbereich mit Landingpage Builder!

    Advantages of Coachy Unveiled

    Upon incorporating Coachy into your online school or coaching offer, you can enjoy a myriad of benefits:

    Instant Usability: Coachy furnishes you with a comprehensive solution for your online school, eliminating concerns about hosting, programming, or security. • User-Friendly Interface: The tools and user interface within Coachy are meticulously structured, facilitating intuitive use for a seamless experience. • Beyond Education: Coachy extends beyond being a mere educational platform, providing active marketing support through an array of tools geared towards boosting sales. • Priority on Security: Emphasizing security, Coachy offers a generator for GDPR-compliant data protection declarations and legal notices. Additionally, the provider includes a complimentary SSL certificate for enhanced security.

    Coachy – Pricing and Packages

    Coachy currently presents three distinct packages, each differing in the scope of services offered. Payment options include monthly or an annual lump sum, with the latter providing a cost-saving advantage of up to 27%. All prices mentioned include VAT, and the following services are encompassed in all tariffs:

    • Automated Landing Pages • Autoresponder Integration • Basic Statistics • Community Features • Data Protection and Legal Notice Generator • Branding Customization • Integration of Videos and Audios • Sequential Activation • Tracking Features • Personalized Subdomain Selection with Your Desired Name

    Explore All Packages Free for 30 Days!

    Package 1: Premium – €27 per month (when paid monthly)

    The Premium package not only encompasses standard functions but also includes a course or product. Each extra course incurs an additional cost of €9. The internal memory stands at 25 GB, accommodating approximately 100 videos. The members area boasts a capacity for 6,000 members.

    Package 2: Deluxe – €57 per month

    Delve into the Deluxe plan, offering 3 courses or products and a generous 50 GB of storage. Any supplementary course comes with an extra charge of €9. It provides space for about 200 videos, and the members area is tailored for up to 9,000 members. This package unlocks additional features, such as: • Advanced PRO statistics • Landing Page Builder 2.0 • Use of your personalized domain • Upsells and downsells • Document and certificate capabilities • Wowing integration • Zapier integration

    Package 3: Enterprise – €167 per month

    The Enterprise package boasts an extensive array of services and functions, including all features from the Deluxe plan. The members area accommodates up to 15,000 members, and Enterprise supports 25 courses or products with a substantial 100 GB of storage space. Any extra course incurs a charge of €9. This package allows savings for up to 400 videos and even enables live streaming of YouTube videos. Enjoy priority support and create multiple employee profiles, along with extended tagging capabilities.

    click here to check the-COACHY – Dein Mitgliederbereich mit Landingpage Builder!

    Why Opt for COACHY?

    1. Comprehensive Solution: Streamline your digital endeavors by embracing COACHY’s all-in-one approach, eliminating the necessity for multiple tools and platforms.
    2. User-Friendly Design: Indulge in a trouble-free experience with COACHY’s user-friendly design, catering to both beginners and seasoned users alike.
    3. Sleek and Professional Landing Pages: Leave a lasting impression on your audience with landing pages designed to exude professionalism, effectively conveying your brand and message.
    4. Monetization Made Adaptable: Customize your monetization strategy based on your distinct goals, whether it involves recurring subscriptions, one-time payments, or free content to expand your audience.
    5. Devoted Customer Support: The customer support team at COACHY stands ready to assist you on your journey, ensuring you have the necessary support to achieve success.


    1. Difficulty in Managing Online Presence:
      • Many individuals and businesses struggle with effectively managing their online presence.
      • Creating and maintaining a dedicated space for audience interaction proves challenging.
    2. Limited Tools and Resources:
      • Lack of access to an integrated platform that offers comprehensive tools for online presence.
      • Limited resources to build a thriving online community.
    3. Complexity in Designing Landing Pages:
      • Designing appealing and professional landing pages requires technical skills.
      • Difficulty in creating landing pages that effectively communicate the brand and message.
    4. Monetization Challenges:
      • The absence of flexible options for monetizing content poses a hurdle.
      • Difficulty in setting up subscription plans, one-time purchases, or free trials.
    5. Lack of Insights and Analytics:
      • Insufficient tools to gain valuable insights into audience behavior.
      • Inability to make data-driven decisions to enhance online strategy.
    6. Security Concerns:
      • Worries about the security of content and member data.
      • Need for robust security measures to ensure a safe online environment.


    1. COACHY as an All-in-One Solution:
      • COACHY serves as a comprehensive platform, addressing the challenge of managing online presence.
      • Offers an integrated space with tools for seamless interaction and content management.
    2. User-Friendly Interface for Easy Operation:
      • COACHY provides a user-friendly interface suitable for both beginners and experienced users.
      • Ensures a hassle-free experience in building and managing an online community.
    3. Professional-Looking Landing Pages with Ease:
      • COACHY’s Landing Page Builder simplifies the process of designing professional and visually appealing pages.
      • No need for advanced technical skills; users can create stunning pages effortlessly.
    4. Monetization Flexibility for Sustainable Income:
      • COACHY offers flexible monetization options, supporting recurring subscriptions, one-time payments, and free trials.
      • Enables users to turn their passion into a sustainable income stream.
    5. Analytics and Insights for Informed Decision-Making:
      • COACHY provides analytics tools for gaining insights into audience behavior.
      • Facilitates data-driven decisions to enhance the effectiveness of online strategies.
    6. Robust Security Measures for Peace of Mind:
      • COACHY incorporates robust security measures to ensure the safety of content and member data.
      • Designed to scale alongside audience growth, maintaining a secure and seamless experience.

    In Conclusion:

    Enhance your online presence with COACHY — the digital membership hub featuring a built-in Landing Page Builder. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or embarking on your online journey, COACHY empowers you to effortlessly create, engage, and monetize your digital content.

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