Wyze Plug: A Smart Plug for Your Home

Wyze Plug: A Smart Plug for Your Home

The Wyze Plug is a smart plug that allows you to control any device plugged into it using Wi-Fi. It plugs into an outlet like any regular device, but unlike typical plugs, it works by connecting to the Wyze app via Bluetooth. Any device plugged into your Wyze Plug becomes a smart device that you can turn on and off with your smartphone.

Product Description

At 1.5 by 2.7 by 1.2 inches (HWD), the Wyze Plug is nearly identical in size and looks to the Treatlife Smart Plug. It has one three-prong outlet and a small LED indicator on the face, and a three-prong plug on the back. A physical power button is positioned on the left side of the device. The LED is off when the plug is turned off, glows solid blue when the power is on, blinks blue slowly when connecting to Wi-Fi, and blinks blue rapidly in pairing mode. Inside is a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi radio for connecting to your home network and a Bluetooth radio for connecting to your mobile device during setup.

Benefits and Uses

Wyze Plug gives you a simple way to turn on/off any outlet remotely. Easily control, lamps, fans, and other devices from the palm of your hand. No hub required. An ecosystem that works together. Your individual Wyze devices are awesome. As a team, the possibilities are endless. A light switch that unlocks the door. A lock that flips on the lights and cranks the AC. All of our smart devices can talk, what they say is up to you. Wyze made the best smart plug, Wi-Fi outlet for your home. Easy setup. Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Home Mini.

Expert Opinion

According to a review by PCMag, the Wyze Plug is incredibly affordable, easy to install, supports Alexa and Google voice control, and works with lots of other smart devices via IFTTT applets. That makes it their new Editors’ Choice winner for smart plugs 1The review also mentions that the Wyze Plug doesn’t offer power usage reports like the $19.99 Ezviz T30-10B, but it does give you daily and weekly run time statistics 1.


Smart Plugs and Smart Outlets: A Brief Overview

Smart plugs and smart outlets are devices that allow users to control and automate electrical devices and appliances in their homes. Smart plugs are plugged into an ordinary wall outlet and the device or appliance is plugged into the smart plug. Smart outlets replace traditional wall outlets and are hardwired into the home’s electrical system. Smart plugs are cheaper and easier to install than smart outlets. Both smart plugs and smart outlets can be controlled using a mobile app or paired with a smart speaker/display for voice control and integration with other smart devices and events.

Some important FAQ’S

Q1: What is the Wyze Plug?

A1: The Wyze Plug is a smart plug designed to enable users to control and automate their home devices remotely. It allows for convenient control via a mobile app or voice commands.

Q2: What are the key features of the Wyze Plug?

A2: The Wyze Plug comes with features such as remote control through the Wyze app, compatibility with voice assistants, scheduling, and a compact design that enables multiple plugs to be used in a single outlet.

Q3: How does the Wyze Plug work?

A3: The Wyze Plug works by connecting to your home Wi-Fi network. After setup, users can control connected devices through the Wyze app on their smartphones or by using voice commands with compatible voice assistants.

Q4: Is the Wyze Plug compatible with voice assistants?

A4: Yes, the Wyze Plug is compatible with popular voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This allows users to control connected devices using voice commands.

Q5: Can I control the Wyze Plug remotely?

A5: Yes, the Wyze Plug allows for remote control via the Wyze app. Users can turn devices on or off from anywhere with an internet connection.

Q6: Can I schedule devices to turn on or off with the Wyze Plug?

A6: Yes, the Wyze Plug supports scheduling. Users can set specific times for their connected devices to automatically turn on or off, offering a convenient way to manage energy usage.

Q7: Does the Wyze Plug have energy monitoring capabilities?

A7: The Wyze Plug typically does not have built-in energy monitoring features. Users may need to check the specific product details or refer to Wyze’s official documentation for the most accurate information.

Q8: How do I set up the Wyze Plug?

*A8: The setup process involves the following general steps:

  1. Download and install the Wyze app on your smartphone.
  2. Connect the Wyze Plug to a power source.
  3. Use the Wyze app to add the smart plug to your Wi-Fi network.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.*

Q9: Can I use the Wyze Plug with multiple devices?

A9: Yes, the Wyze Plug can typically be used with multiple devices. Users can control and monitor each connected device individually through the Wyze app.

Q10: Does the Wyze Plug work with 5GHz Wi-Fi networks?

A10: The Wyze Plug typically works with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks. Ensure that your Wi-Fi network is set to 2.4GHz during the setup process.

Q11: Can the Wyze Plug be used outdoors?

A11: The Wyze Plug is designed for indoor use. It is not weatherproof, so it should not be used outdoors or in locations where it may be exposed to moisture.

Q12: Does the Wyze Plug support group control?

A12: Yes, the Wyze Plug supports group control. Users can create groups of smart plugs in the Wyze app and control them simultaneously.

Q13: Is the Wyze Plug compatible with smart home platforms?

A13: The Wyze Plug may be compatible with some smart home platforms. Users should check the product details or refer to Wyze’s official documentation for information on compatibility.

Q14: Can I use the Wyze Plug without a smart home hub?

A14: Yes, the Wyze Plug typically does not require a smart home hub for basic functionality. It connects directly to your Wi-Fi network for control.

Q15: Can I use the Wyze Plug with appliances like heaters or air conditioners?

A15: The Wyze Plug can be used with various devices, but users should check the power requirements of the specific devices they intend to connect to ensure compatibility.


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